C and R Wax Bullets

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you load a wax bullet?

      To load a wax bullet into our "drop in primer" shells, you push the wax bullet into the shell with your thumb, turn it over and put a shotgun primer in, then put it into the cylinder. When you push the wax into the shell make sure it's flush with the top of the shell. Fill the cylinder using this process. Once the bullets have been shot, open the gate, tip and the primers fall out. You are ready to go again.

      I put the wax in 50 at a time, so they are ready when I want to practice.

  2. The primer backs out and jams the gun - How do I stop this?

      We recommend Remington, Rio or Fiocchi 209 shotgun primers for use with our wax bullets.

      REMEMBER: Any primer with a domed center button instead of a flat top will jam the gun.

  3. You list 38 special/357 magnum and 44 special/44 magnum on the website. How do I know what to order?

      The wax bullet fits either "special" or "magnum". The difference is in the shell casing itself. The magnum shell is a little longer than the specials. Either will work for the magnum caliber but only the special will work in a "special" caliber.

  4. At what distance can a wax bullet be used and still remain accurate?

      Our wax can be shot with a 209 shotgun primer and remain accurate up to 30 feet.

  5. How often do I clean the gun?

      I recommend cleaning the gun after shooting approximately 50 rounds. I include cleaning instructions in each order for our wax.

  6. How loud are they?

      I shoot them inside my garage and in my basement. They sound like a 5 pound hammer dropping on a wooden floor.

  7. Will these wax bullets work in a semi-automatic?

      No, they will not function properly in a semi-automatic. There is not enough back pressure to activate the slide action. Wax bullets are designed for use in a wheel gun.

  8. Can I use powder with a wax bullet? If so, how much?

      Yes, in a Standard shell with pistol primer only. You can use 6 grains of Goex or 3 grains of Triple Seven (777).

  9. At what velocity does a pistol primer or 209 shotgun primer push the 45 caliber wax bullet?

      A pistol primer will push the wax bullet at 450 feet per second and a 209 shotgun primer will push it at 800 feet per second.

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